Raincliffe Wood visit: Reflections by Steve Donagain

On Wednesday 11 January, the management team at Hill Holt Wood were delighted to welcome a group from Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise. Those in attendance were Robert Sword, Chair, Robert Peacock, Health and Safety, Steve Parker, Volunteering, and Will Watts, Project Coordinator.

Steve Donagain, CEO of Hill Holt Wood, has kindly sent over a summary of the day and what the group got up to:

“After some much needed coffee, the Raincliffe group spent some time with Steve Donagain, who gave an overview explaining the ethos and business model that has made the project both successful and sustainable. Following this, there was a discussion about business opportunities explaining our relationship with both North Kesteven and Lincoln councils and emphasising the importance of securing non-restricted funds to allow any profit derived to be spent as the organisation deems fit.

Lunch time provided an opportunity for the visitors to meet the rest of the Senior Team at Hill Holt Wood and a chance for discussion with Nigel Lowthrop, the founder of the project.

The afternoon session began with a tour of the site with Brad Allsop, Design Team Architect, who showed the group the sawmill in operation explaining how we add value with our timber management, processing and production, from both owned and managed sites.  He also stressed the holistic nature of everything we do, how all aspects must link up and add value resulting in our ‘benefit stacking’ philosophy.

The day concluded with a question and answer session with specific areas of interest being further discussed; the visitors left armed with ideas and information that they were looking forward to putting into practice.”

If you would like to find out more about Hill Holt Wood, please visit their website.

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