Making it happen in South East Cornwall

The Maker Woodlands group is a registered CIC with a management agreement on 62 acres of woodlands on the Rame Peninsula, on the very south-eastern tip of Cornwall.

Simon Ryan, part of the Maker Woodlands team, has written a short update on the project, following a visit from our very own Norman Dandy above, as well as a look into the support they have been receiving from Making Local Woods Work:

“All of us live in the immediate area, and most of us have been involved with this woodland for many years. We’ve run a range of activities – forestry and community – so we know a great deal about our woods and the potential here.

Making Local Woods Work has given us a huge injection of training, ideas and support, which is giving us the push we needed towards a proper long-term lease, a series of training courses and an in-depth business plan. 2017 is the year when we’ll bring the whole lot together: create our first paid forestry jobs, put in some basic facilities for Nature Classroom activities, move up from where we are to become a thriving and self-sustaining asset to our community.

The visits we’ve made to successful woodland enterprises have inspired us and provided in-depth experience – we now know that it can be done!

Thank you Making Local Woods Work, thank you everyone who’s worked with us. You’ll be hearing our news through 2017 as we start achieving great things!”

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