Grown in Britain – here to help you

Grown in Britain is a partner in Making Local Woods Work helping deliver the support needed by woodland social enterprises. They’re working with participant groups to help develop their woodland management plans and understand their woodland resources and potential markets. They’ve helped groups get their plans together in a coherent and easily understood format that not only informs their management but also underpins their access to grants and markets. Groups which have an acceptable plan can apply for a free Grown in Britain licence as part of the MLWW project.

 The Grown in Britain licence shows that the woodland and its wood products are from a sustainably managed woodland. Any company that has a Grown in Britain licence can use the Grown in Britain mark, a highly regarded and sought after brand of provenance. Your licence will also show to others that you are passionate about getting British woodlands managed.

 In conjunction with its partners in the construction industry, Grown in Britain has also created a corporate volunteering support resource for MLWW participants. The pack will aid social enterprises that are considering using volunteers, to carry out work on their sites, and includes key documents and checklists, including risk assessments. This has recently been field tested by the construction company Keepmoat whose staff visited Whistlewood Common Ltd in Derbyshire to carry out tree maintenance and construct a log store. If you would like to participate in this scheme please register your interest with the MLWW team and a simple application form will be sent to you. Contact

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