Staff changes at Plunkett Foundation

Plunkett Foundation is Making Local Woods Work’s managing partner and we are very pleased to announce that the project team has recently been joined by Megan McFarlane who will be supporting delivery of the project in a number of areas. Megan has broad experience within the community and voluntary sectors and joins us from Click Nottingham, where she worked on projects focused on social inclusion and innovative approaches to community-level social care.

James Alcock, Plunkett’s General Manager, has also joined the team as Project Sponsor, taking over from the project’s co-architect Mike Perry, who left Plunkett at the end of last year. James will oversee the ongoing growth and development of the project and be working to secure continuation of support in this area into the future.

Other members of the team remain in place, notably Norman Dandy as Project Manager and Ashley Sellwood, Plunkett’s Communications and Marketing Officer. If you have any questions about how the project is delivered, please get in touch with our team directly or via

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